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About the Region

Velingrad’s geographic location allows vacationers the opportunity to combine a mountain holiday with a relaxing SPA experience.

The town presents the advantageous combination of the mountain climate with the healing properties of the mineral water. The outcome is complete relaxation and revitalization.

Velingrad has transformed into a hotspot for SPA holidays, not only during the chilly winter months, but also in the warm summer days. The hot mineral springs are only lightly mineralized and are, therefore, suitable for longer SPA therapies and balneology, with a favorable effect on the whole organism.

The healing water is effective for healing and prevention of various health issues, including anemia, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and skin problems. The immune system is enhanced and people feel an overall physical and mental relaxation.



Mineral water increases the metabolic activity and aids in the harmful substance elimination, which is good for people with weight problems, among others. Frequent bathing in the hot springs (every three to four weeks), may stabilize the functions of the glands and that of the autonomic nervous system. 

The climate in Velingrad is especially suitable for the so-called biological climate, whereby the sun and the air are the essential factors in the healing process. Here, people can take advantage of this type of treatment throughout the year, since Velingrad is the place with the most sunny days in Bulgaria. Prevention treatment can be combined with the mineral baths and physiotherapy.

Apart from the mineral springs and the special SPA therapies, the town also presents majestic views to the pinewoods of the Rhodope Mountain and is a strategic starting point for various touristic sites in the area.

The natural treasures of the region and the modern SPA therapies guarantee effective treatments and an unforgettable holiday. 

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