• The animal must be less than 3 kg. 40 BGN per night.
  • The animal must be fully trained and properly secured with a strap so as not to disturb the other guests of the hotel.
  • A copy of the animal’s passport must be provided at the time of placement.
  • In addition to your room, your pet should be strapped to the common areas.
  • The pet should not be left unattended.
  • Apart from the Lobby Bar, animals are not allowed in all the restaurants, bars, spa and hotel areas around the pool.
  • You are responsible for cleaning after your pet at the hotel and area. Any violations must be stopped to ensure that other guests are not disturbed.
  • You are responsible for any property damage and / or personal injury resulting from your pet.
  • You agree to indemnify and release the hotel, its owners and staff from any liability for damage suffered as a result of your pet’s actions.
  • The hotel reserves the right to charge the cost of damages to your account.
  • The hotel reserves the right to send you and your pet from the hotel building, if and when required, without prior notice


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