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Velingrad’s life enriching water attracts countless visitors and during the past 60 years Velingrad grew from a small resort in the West Rhodope to one of Bulgaria’s most popular touristic destinations.

In 2005 the Bulgarian Hotel Association named Velingrad the SPA capital of Bulgaria. Three years later, at the International Hotel & Restaurant Association conference in Mexico, Velingrad was also named the SPA capital of the Balkans. This special part of the Rhodope Mountain is truly an extraordinary touristic destination and anyone, who has experienced the healing powers of the mineral water in the local pools and has felt the fresh scent of the nearby pinewoods.

Velingrad’s most sacred treasure is the 80 mineral springs, ranging from 27 to 94 degrees Celsius. The town’s geothermal field is among the largest in South Bulgaria. People have been benefiting from the mineral water’s healing characteristics since centuries ago, when the mineral bath were created in the region. The discovered Roman reservoirs and canals are proof mineral bath date back since Roman times. 

There are 20% more sunny days in Velingrad than any other part of Bulgaria. The town is small and serene, though located in very close proximity to the two largest cities in the country – the capital – Sofia, is only 133 km. away, while the second largest – Plovdid, is 82 km away. 

Nature in Velingrad is extremely rick and varied. In addition to the BatakBelmeken and Dospat dams, there are 15 natural parks nearby, some of which are protected by UNESCO. The dams are particularly favourable for hunting and fishing, apart from simply relaxing, so they are preferred location for many. 

The resort is suitable for vacation thoughout the year. In the summer, it is lucrative with its mineral outdoor swimming pools, while the winter offers a majestic view to the glow of the snow-covered mountain tops and pinewoods. Even a single weekend here is enough to feel refreshed, relaxed and rested. The SPA and wellness tourism in Velingrad is in complete symbiosis with the surroung nature. 


Velingrad is strategically surrounded by numerous landmarks and offers exciting adventures.

There are well-equipped hunting lodges close to the city, offering qualities hunting guides. During the hunting season, the fans of the sport may hunt boar, deer and various birds. The two breeding stations, Chepino and Alabak, are developing successfully the hunting tourism and attract many visitors. Meanwhile, the fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby in the nearby dams DospatBelmeken and Beglika.

The town also hosts the unique karst spring Kleptuza, which has two lakes with a year-round temperature of 8 – 9°C. This guarantees a necessary coolness in the summer, when Kleptuza becomes everyone’s favorite place for a walk.

About 8 km from from the town, on the way to the Syrnitsa town is the Lepenitsa cave. This is the only cave in Bulgaria, where “cave craters” can be seen. The cave has preserved many interesting natural formations, such as stalactites, stalagmites, cave pearls and draperies.  

The cultural tourism sights are just as remarkable. The region has four medieval castles: “Gradot”, “Tupanara”, and “Gradishte”.

In addition, the only preserved narrow-gauge railway in Bulgaria passes through Velingrad. It crosses three Bulgarian mountains – the Rhodope, Rila and Pirin. Its path also crosses the highest railway station on the Balkan Peninsula – the Avramovo station, with an altitude of 1267 meters.

The area surrounding Velingrad is suitable for walks, hikes and cycling and to make the experience even more exciting, people may also choose among the following adventures: horseback riding, archery, paintball, karting and ATV picnics.


The mineral water is Velingrad’s most sacred treasure.

There are more than 80 mineral springs in the region, both warm and cold. Thanks to them, the countless tourists, who visit the town, can enrich their health and truly relax during the SPA treatments, offered at Maxi Velingrad Park Hotel & SPA. Many people seek the healing characteristics of the mineral water springs because of the positive influence on lung, gynecological, skin and heart diseases. Mineral water is used for drinking, inhalations and baths.

The resort is specialized in treating joint problems, inflammations and other traumas, gynecological, kidney, liver and gastrointestinal diseases. The water also has a favorable influence in post operation conditions. Mineral water is used in different kinds of treatments, depending on the diseases or if only for prevention. It can be used for inhalations, herbal and gas baths, swimming and medical gymnastics.

Maxi Velingrad Park Hotel & SPA is the only hotel in town, powered by not just one, but two mineral water sources. The mineral water from the “Lugene” water source is suitable for treating diseases of

the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the digestive organs, the urinary tract, in addition to endocrine, gynecological, cardiovascular and skin diseases and chronic intoxication with heavy metals. The chemical and physical properties of the water make it especially suitable for drinking. The temperature of this water is 54°C.

The water from the “Kamenitsa” spring is with temperature of 95°C. It is especially favorable for treating degenerative joint diseases – spine bone spurs (spondylarthrosis), of the knee joints (gonarthrosis) and of the hip joints (coxarthrosis), as well as inflammatory joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis, ankylosing spondiloartit and others. The sulfuric water helps the treatment of patients with neurological diseases, such as neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis, disc herniations; post-traumatic states – sprains, dislocations; occupational diseases – tendovaginitis, myositis, myalgia, vibration disease; gynecological diseases – chronic inflammatory diseases of the ovaries, tubes and uterus; skin diseases – eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

The attachment below presents a detailed description of the physical and chemical properties of the water from both water sources.


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