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Due to the officially declared by Parliament state of emergency in Bulgaria, Maxi Velingrad Park Hotel & SPA will not take reservations for accommodation until the state of emergency in Bulgaria is over. We are taking this measure in an effort to reduce the risk of contamination for all residents of the town, for hotel guests and for Maxi’s team.

Maxi Club supports the State’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to manage the situation. We urge you to comply with the following suggested security measures:

  1. Wash and sanitize your hands;
  2. Avoid contact with sick people;
  3. Do not touch your face with dirty hands;
  4. Wear a mask if your health has been compromised;
  5. Avoid consuming raw animal products;
  6. Do not travel to quarantined areas, or such
    with frequent cases of the disease;
  7. Clean door handles at your work and at home with a disinfectant;
  8. Avoid visiting public events;  
  9. Seek medical advice if necessary. 

Panic is the worst advisor!

Stay informed by official sources – WHO and the Ministry of Health:

www.who.int                |             https://www.mh.government.bg/bg/ 

Let’s remain calm, maintain our common sense and
 good personal and general hygiene.

Thank you in advance for your support of the efforts!

-         The Maxi Club Team

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