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Thermal zone

Steam baths and saunas are often considered similar, since both help the body to dispose of toxins. Nevertheless, there is a major difference – saunas have very high temperature (often between 70 and 95 degrees Celsius) and low humidity, while the environment in steam baths is just the opposite – temperature is slightly lower (around 40 degrees) and humidity is much higher.

The warm and humid air in the steam bath increases circulation in the body and relaxes muscles and joints. Steam baths are also especially helpful after workouts because the environment inside helps the body to remain flexible, which prevents post-workout side effects. In addition, the steam helps for the release of toxins and cleans the skin making it softer and healthier. 

Steam baths are very beneficial for people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases. The dry heat in saunas tends to be too strong for the lungs, while the subtle and humid warmth is relaxing and opens up the lungs and the bronchi. It can also reduce pain in the joints and arthritis symptoms.

People are often calmer after spending time in a steam bath and that can help reduce problems associated with sleep deprivation and stress. 

Turkish Bath

The Turkish bath is an authentic ritual, combining the traditional Eastern teachings for body and soul cleansing with the modern idea for the SPA and Wellness culture – cleansing, revival and relaxation.

After bathing in the Turkish bath, the skin has a fresh glow and toxins are eliminated. The immune system is stimulated, increasing the antibody formation. Also, respiratory issues are improved, along with sinusitis, flu infections and cellulite.



The tepidarium is a place to relax in between the variety of therapies and procedures and after working out. It is also recommended as an introduction treatment before going to the sauna or before cooling. The room is heated through the floor and the walls, reaching a moderate temperature of about 36-40°C and humidity of up to 30%. It is furnished with heated, ergonomically shaped seating.

Due to the moderate heating, similar to that of the human body, the tepidarium can be visited by guests, for whom the high temperatures of the other thermal therapies are disadvantageous. There is no limit to the duration of the stay in the tepidarium, it rather depends on personal needs.

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