Warm your body, cleanse your skin and relax your muscles.
Sauna Park

Saunas are known for their positive effects on the overall health, for they are a natural and relaxing way to cleanse, rejuvenate and boost the mood. They cleanse the skin and the entire body, since the heat opens the pores of the skin, the body begins to sweat from the high temperature, thus eliminating the toxins in it.

*Saunas are not recommended during pregnancy.

Saunas are especially beneficial for people under stress, or after a workout, as there is a relaxing effect. Pressured muscles are relaxed and the autonomic nervous system controlling muscle stretching is assisted.

*The minimum age of entry to the thermal area including the saunas, steam bath and relax room is 12 years of age, due to safety measures and the wellbeing and comfort of all guests. Children, who are younger, may enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pools at the SPA Center.

Russian Sauna

The traditional Russian sauna combines the general benefits of the sauna with the healing effect of various herbs.

Low humidity, high temperature, uses warm to hot steam.

Benefits: Expands skin pores, stimulates toxin elimination, increases metabolism, relaxes the whole organism, improves cellular oxygen saturation and the formation of red blood cells. 

Finish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is characterized by very high temperature and low humidity. The atmosphere in this sauna is altered by adding mint or eucalypt aromas to the heated wood.

Benefits: Cleanses the whole body, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain, speeds the metabolic and detox processes in the organism and improves respiratory and asthmatic issues. 

Cedar Sauna

Humidity in the cedar sauna is low, while the temperature reaches 70°С.

Benefits: The naturally aromatic smell of the cedar wood is suitable for relaxation, meditation and restores the contact with nature.  It also has a healing effect in case of coughing and shortness of breath.